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The Nurturing Cancer Native

The astrology sign, Cancer, is often considered part of the “great mother” category. The softness of the Cancerian nature is also imbued with a natural ability to nurture. Emphasis on home and family fulfills the domestic nature of this native. The ruler of Cancer astrology is the Moon, which is considered feminine.

Represented by the crab, the nature of approach is not direct, but rather oblique. As nurturer, this is one native that must seize a dominant position for the good of the whole.

And to that end, revenge, as opposed to confrontation, can become the indirect method of asserting the dominance that a caretaker must have.

In the category described as cardinal, one of four classifications in astrology, the Cancer native follows suit with leadership qualities.

Feelings are the mode of expression

With Cancerians, there is a sensitivity that accompanies and compliments the nurturing characteristics. As a water sign element, the sensitivity is acute, ranging from intuitive to psychic – great assets for parenting.

Astrology refers to the Cancer native as being dependent, but there is an inner battle going on with this issue. They want to think themselves to be independent. Yet the innate need to be connected with a nuclear group lies in the soul of this native. Latching on to some significant other, and keeping close family contact is an integral part of the world of most Cancer people.

Early astrology (around 400A.D.) classified the sign of Cancer as masculine. How and when this imagery shifted to feminine is not clear. In this day and time, we don’t need to be restricted with this overall characteristic. Both sexes have the capability to nurture.

In astrology, the use of gender isn’t literal. The reference to male or female is about a type of energy. It roughly describes qualities such as extrovert or introvert, for example. Being feminine, and being a feeling person are both inward traits – of heart and soul. The sensitivity may be compared to a reflective pool of water that responds to activity, seen as well as unseen, on a constant basis.

Other words used to describe Cancer astrology are: tender, nostalgic, conservative, reserved, and emotional.

Astrology describes Cancer as creative

If you are a Cancer, innovation and creativity are part and parcel of your life. Your creativity may manifest in your children. Or, babies might take the form of beautiful flowers in a well-nurtured garden. Other fruits of this sign may show up in the journalistic field. Portrayed as having a fertile imagination, the Cancer native may also take an interest in drama.

Famous Cancer personalities

Proust, Rembrandt, Rubens, Susan Hayward, Louie Armstrong, Rose Kennedy


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