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Symptoms of Prostate Cancer

It is important for a man’s overall health to get regular prostate exams. Prostate cancer usually does not reveal itself through health symptoms right away and is usually detected early on only through prostate exams such as a digital rectal exam, or a prostate-specific antigen. This is why it is important not to miss your prostate exams and checkups. If you have prostate cancer and are not going to prostate exams regularly, you will not immediately know that you have this condition because the symptoms stay hidden at first. In all types of cancer, early detection can be the most important factor, because it is easier to treat in earlier stages before it has spread.

If you do not get regular prostate exams and prostate cancer has advanced in the body, some symptoms you may experience will be noticeable during urination. If you have trouble urinating including the starting and stopping of the urination stream, a decreased force of the urine flow, or blood in your urine, these could be signs of prostate cancer. If you feel the need to urinate frequently, and it seems like you need to urinate more than usual, see a doctor immediately. If your frequent need to urinate is happening at night, it is even the more reason to suspect prostate cancer. Painful and burning urination would also be a reason to contact a medical professional. Though these symptoms could be related to other problems as well, they are also attributed to prostate cancer. Another symptom that may occur is blood in the semen, painful ejaculation, and difficulty having an erection. In every case, do not wait, but contact your doctor as soon as possible.

If prostate cancer has been undetected by you or your doctor through the early stages of cancer into the advanced stage, you may experience overall discomfort in the pelvic region and/or swelling in the legs. These symptoms mean that the cancer has spread. Do not ignore pain or feeling stiffness in the lower back or hips and upper thighs either. At this point the prostate cancer could be getting serious. Again, it is imperative that men are getting prostate screenings on the regular so cancer does not have the opportunity to spread and become very dangerous. At the early stages of prostate cancer, it is easier to treat and beat it, and getting tested for this is the most effective way to prevent this common health issue.

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