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Farrah Fawcett Cancer Updates Differ Greatly

Farrah Fawcett’s fans are checking for cancer updates every hour of the hour. Since Farrah Fawcett was hospitalized a few days ago, a lot of different reports have come out regarding her fight with cancer. The seriousness of Fawcett’s condition has gone from serious to stable, depending on the latest update. There are some cancer updates that suggest Fawcett is going to pull through, while others have a more ominous outlook.

According to the New York Daily News’s report, Farrah Fawcett is “not at death’s door.” Craig Nevius, a producer and friend of Fawcett, said that she was going “fantastic” and that she was still fighting. Nevius even said that Fawcett would be leaving the hospital in a few days.

Anonymous friends of Fawcett, however, told that things look much bleaker for Fawcett. The report quotes a friend in saying that Fawcett “knows the end is coming” and that everyone is praying for a miracle.

The rumors and speculation over Fawcett’s cancer began over the weekend, when she was first reported as being hospitalized. Fawcett has been fighting rectal cancer for three years, and just returned from Germany after getting an experimental stem-cell treatment, which is being filmed for an upcoming documentary.

Since then, updates on Fawcett’s condition, and whether it was a result of the cancer, have varied. People reported on a statement that Nevius made on her behalf, in which he said that “Farrah has hope.”

The statement also claimed that Fawcett’s hospitalization was a result of a hematoma, caused by the stem-cell treatment. However, it alleges that it had nothing to do directly with Fawcett’s cancer, which would explain recent pictures of Fawcett in a wheelchair.

While Fawcett herself tries to recover, even more bad news has come from her son. Fawcett’s long-time lover Ryan O’Neal came to be by her side, along with their son, Redmond O’Neal. Young Redmond has already been arrested in the past, and was reportedly arrested again this weekend, on the charge of smuggling drugs into a county jail.

Redmond O’Neal was accused of possession of Xanax and heroin, as he drove a friend to a detention center in Santa Clarita. He was put on $25,000 bail.

These reports have a bit less ambiguity than the cancer reports around the young man’s mother, as Fawcett’s attempt to recover from her latest health setback drags on.

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