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Bladder Cancer and Its Symptoms

With cancer, one of the cells gets it in his head to reproduce and starts doing so for no apparent reason. This is cancer, and it can be devastating when it settles in the bladder.

My in-laws had come to visit as they always did every two or three months, and on one particular visit, my father-in-law wasn’t feeling too well. He said he felt as if he had been kicked in the stomach by a horse, and he felt bruised. We weren’t able to go anywhere, or do much because he was always having to use the bathroom. We spent most of their visit just enjoying each others company.

Before leaving to go home my husband made his step-dad promise to make a doctor’s appointment as soon as he got home; which he did. By this time he was having pain when he urinated, and sometimes there was blood present in the urine.

The doctor ran a series of tests; a blood work-up, and another one which was a cystoscopy, and these combined confirmed that he had cancer in his bladder.

The doctor started him on chemotherapy, and even though it helped in that the cancer didn’t spread; he ended up having to have a urostomy. In other words; his bladder had to be removed, and his urine went in a bag. My father-in-law had a terrible adjustment period, but he eventually became okay with it. We were all happy to have him around for a few more years.

Though there are some cancers that you can do a home test on, such as breast cancer, or a home-test kit can be purchased to detect whether there is blood in the stool for colon cancer, there is no way to detect bladder cancer unless you go to see the doctor.

These are some of the symptoms one should be watchful for, if there is a concern about bladder cancer.

  1. A bruised feeling in the bladder area; or a heavy feeling
  2. Dark, or reduced urine
  3. Blood in the urine
  4. Pain upon urination
  5. Frequency of urination
  6. The urge to urinate even though none comes out
  7. There can be weight loss, but that would come later on in the disease

You will notice that the symptoms of bladder cancer closely resemble the symptoms of kidney or bladder infection. This is one reason why my father-in-law didn’t see the need to see his doctor right away. He figured it was a bladder infection, and it could wait until he finished his vacation, and he got home. Seeking medical attention is the only safe way that it can be determined whether it is a kidney or bladder infection, or if it is bladder cancer.

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