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Best Breast Cancer Charities to Donate To

If you are going to donate for breast cancer and need help in deciding which breast cancer charity to donate your money to, you may become a bit overwhelmed by all the information on the internet. This article will showcase the top five breast cancer charities to donate to.

One of my favorite breast cancer charities is the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. They have a pie chart on the website that shows clearly where every dollar they receive in donation goes to. 35% of the donations go to education and 33% goes to Research and awards. They also give a percentage to both treatment and to screening.

Another popular breast cancer charity is Breast Cancer Research Foundation. The founder, Evelyn Lauder is a breast cancer survivor and founded the Foundation 15 years ago to help fund research. They expected to give $345 million dollars in 2008 for breast cancer research. They give over 90% of the money you donate for breast cancer to research and awareness. The Breast Cancer Research Foundation is considered one of the best breast cancer charities for people to donate to.

Living Beyond Cancer was started in 1991 and is for breast cancer survivors during and after treatment. They use over 80% of all monies you donate for breast cancer to help people diagnosed with breast cancer, from diagnosis all the way through to recovery and survival.

The best breast cancer charity for awareness is National Breast Cancer Foundation Inc. Started 17 years ago their mission is save lives by increasing awareness of breast cancer by means of education and providing mammograms to those who can not afford to pay for them. They use over 80% of the money you donate for breast cancer to fund programs such as free mammograms, patient education and awareness campaigns as well as research.

One of the most up and coming breast cancer charities today is Breast Cancer Network of Strength. They are one of the best breast cancer charity for support. They recently joined with Bumblebee foods to start the program BeeWellMiles. You get to join up, log in any miles you walk each day and for every mile people log into their website they will donate a certain amount of money. Support is very important in the fight against breast cancer and the Breast Cancer Network of Strength is one of the best places to get this support. They would be a superb organization to donate not only your money but your time as well. All the breast cancer charities mentioned here are wonderful organizations that do a great amount of good, I sincerely hope you will consider them when you are thinking about donating to breast cancer charities.

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