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Four Common Prostate Cancer Treatments

When it comes to men’s health, prostate cancer has risen to the top of the list of common ailments that strike all ages. There are various ways in which a man can reduce the risk of this cancer, but in most cases men of all age groups and race will have to either personally deal with this problem, or offer support to someone that they know that has it. Many different treatment options are available to men. Depending upon their current age and health, some may be more appropriate than others. The four most commonly used prostate cancer treatments used today are waiting, surgery, radiation, and hormone injections or pills.

High risk patients, such as men with current health issues, will benefit from watching and waiting. This is a prostate treatment that can be used if the tumor is not at a dangerous size, and if the cancer cells are not spreading. This treatment option eliminates the need for any other treatments in the hopes that the cancer will not gain any size, or maybe even be destroyed by the body. In some instances, this is the first line of defense for men as a prostate cancer treatment plan.

Hormone therapy treatments are also a common prostate treatment when men do not want to deal with the side effects of radiation and surgery, and they are not yet willing to accept the risks that go along with them. This treatment plan begins with receiving an injection, or pill, that helps reduce the amount of testosterone that is produced within the testicles. Since this chemical aids the growth of cancerous cells, the idea is to reduce the growth of the current tumor and to eliminate any growth that may have occurred on a regular basis.

Radiation therapy is the next prostate cancer treatment that can be taken. It can be either an internal or external procedure, and it is designed to kill the cancerous cells within the prostate. This treatment option prevents the need for risky prostate surgery procedures, and offers just as high of a success rate as surgery does.

The final prostate cancer treatment option that is available is surgery. The radical prostatectomy is the only treatment that can successfully prevent any recurrences from happening. If the surgeon removes all of the cancerous cells, as well as any surrounding tissues that have been affected, then the patient will basically be cured.