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Methods to Cure Breast Cancer in That Are Less Radical Than Mastectomy

Words cannot explain how harrowing the experience of being diagnosed with breast cancer can be. Methods of treatment prevail all around us, but finding the right solution when the time comes becomes difficult. Also, treatment for breast cancer needs to be a continuous process. However, there are methods to treat breast cancer today using alternative techniques. These methods can be called as more humane and considerate to the woman who is already suffering from the affliction.

The most common treatment for breast cancer in women until a few years ago was mastectomy, i.e. surgical removal of the breast. Today, the treatment does not need to be so aggressive. There are methods in which just the lump and the nearby tissues can be removed from the breast in a method known as lumpectomy. But if the woman has a large tumor and not just a small lump in her breast, then she will need to first use some method like chemotherapy to lessen the size of the breast and then the lump removal operation can be conducted.

Some women opt to go for removal of just the portion of the breast that has been diagnosed with the cancerous growth. This saves her entire breast from being removed. However, some portion of the thoracic muscle will need to be removed along with the tissue and some of the tissue surrounding it. This process, known as partial mastectomy, is fortified with radiotherapy treatments.

If the doctor strongly recommends complete mastectomy, you could at least go for this method that saves the entire breast from being amputated. Here, portions of the breast such as the nipple, the fatty tissues, the lobules, the ducts and the skin of the breast are removed. Many women who have no other option go for this kind of mastectomy, which needs to be followed up with hormone supplementation or chemotherapy.

Of course, the best way out is to get diagnosed as early as you can because all cancers can be nipped in the bud if detected early. A simple breast examination can indicate the presence of cancer in it. To confirm it, methods such as sentinel lymph biopsies are conducted. This includes a diagnosis of the lymph nodes in the armpits. A diagnosis at this stage can stop the problem from aggravating in dimension. Diagnosing breast cancer in its benign stages ensures complete treatment in an easier manner, and your breasts will be safe. You can also consider speaking with your treatment provider for a second option if their recommended method is not quite agreeable to you.